the next Generation Autoscroller by Markus Bordihn

The jScroller2 official Web page

Welcome to my small page for jScroller2, the next Generation Autoscroller.


This Autoscroller don't use the marquee tag, works in all modern Browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and it is full w3c compatible.
jScroller and jScroller2 was codeded for my own Webpage, because i don't want to use the old marquee Method.
This Version is an improved Version from the orginal jScroller Plugin for jQuery and don't need jQuery anymore.
So it is a stand alone JavaScript which can be simple used over classnames to scroll any content in every direction with a lot of options.

Some Features:
- Modern JavaScript Coding
- Display the Content even with deactivated JavaScript
- Works on different Browser also under Mac OS
- Pause the Scroller when the Screen is left
- No additional Javascript Coding is needed
- Endless Scrolling
- Multiple Scrolling on one Page at the same Time
- Posibility to Start / Stop the Scroller on MouseOver / MouseOut
- Posibility to run Scrollers with different Speed
- Posibility to ignore Mouse Leaves
- Delay the Start of the scrolling
- Alternate Scrolling (bouncing effect)
- W3C compatible
- JSLint strict

Have Fun with the new jScroller2.

- Markus B.